Monday, October 30, 2006

So.. since I last updated my blog....erm.... I've been sun bathing, and got more of a tan! Becky has arrived, so I've been shopping. Found this great shop, which is like pri-mark, awesome!!

Met up with Erin's Friend Kylie who took us to the best cocktail bar in Sydney, with the Australian no.1 bar man, Anton, he was awesome, and his Martini's were amazing! we ordered every drink we'd ever heard of, but never had, try a rob roy, it's pretty darn good!

This weekend we went to bar below a big hostel in sydney for Halloween, was full of English peeps (& irish again) and strangely enough, met loads of people from near B/S, I just can't get away. Also had fun with a blow up skeleton & a coffin......

Oh, and whilst I was busy with Roger (the skeleton) Becky pulled (another irish) who fell off a balcony and broke his arm!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ok, so I have arrived in Sydney, I know it's now been over 2 wks and i'm only writing now, but I'm lazy! I am extremely lazy!! Why is it so hard to get up before midday when you're not working?

Done a couple of sights:

  • Opera House
  • Harbour Bridge (haven't walked it yet, but its a bit of a joke really, costs a lot and u can't even take a camera up!)
  • Sydney tower (good views)

  • Palm Beach - This is where Home and Away is filmed, awesome!! didn't meet any of the characters tho, altho, I am now addicted to H&A and watch it every day, I know, v sad, but who wouldn't!

  • Sydney Zoo (not quite Australia zoo, but saw a kuala, kangaroo, the usual crack.
  • Ooh, also ate kangaroo, v nice!
  • also, well, drank a lot:

The Girls from the apartment, left to right, french, welsh, irish, wonderful, irish, irish! all awesome girls. Will add more soon, (maybe!) ......