Monday, October 16, 2006

Ok, so I have arrived in Sydney, I know it's now been over 2 wks and i'm only writing now, but I'm lazy! I am extremely lazy!! Why is it so hard to get up before midday when you're not working?

Done a couple of sights:

  • Opera House
  • Harbour Bridge (haven't walked it yet, but its a bit of a joke really, costs a lot and u can't even take a camera up!)
  • Sydney tower (good views)

  • Palm Beach - This is where Home and Away is filmed, awesome!! didn't meet any of the characters tho, altho, I am now addicted to H&A and watch it every day, I know, v sad, but who wouldn't!

  • Sydney Zoo (not quite Australia zoo, but saw a kuala, kangaroo, the usual crack.
  • Ooh, also ate kangaroo, v nice!
  • also, well, drank a lot:

The Girls from the apartment, left to right, french, welsh, irish, wonderful, irish, irish! all awesome girls. Will add more soon, (maybe!) ......

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