Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hi all,

so I've settled into living the life of Queenstown, and being a working girl again! It's hard work, especially when I have to start work at 6.30am! But i'm slowly becoming more of a morning person!!

I'm working at the crowne Plaza, which isn't too bad as a job, coz the peeps I work with are great, and I get to do lots of the activities around town for free, whoop whoop!

It also means I get my afternoons to myself, and one such afternoon James & I took a nice walk along the lake, round to sunshine bay. Unfortunately there wasn't much sunshine, and a lot of midges, but it looked pretty!

We've had a busy house of late. Matt's bro Andy T came out to visit for a few weeks, and the next day li'l Jon moved in too. So of course we welcomed them QT stylie:

Then of course we took them luging, the traditional first activity and must do in QT.

Me & Emma took liberties of our housemate Rob, working at K-jet (jetboat) and went on a heart-racing ride on the river doing spins and getting soaked by the splash. Our friendly flirtatious driver managed to get us more soaked than anyone, suprisingly!

Then the next day we took a much easier going boat trip on the Earnslaw. An old steamer which used to be owned by Whinston Churchill. Very british day out, we walked around a farm, fed some deer, saw some sheep herding, followed by sheep sheering. Tis a strange thing, sheep sheering, they just flop and let the guy bring a rasor to their neck!

On the way back to top it off we had a sing song with some good ol' fashioned British war tunes!! You oldies out there would have loved it!

After what went so quickly, Andy T had to leave us and return to the real world of the UK & work, and Li'l jon headed off on the Kiwi bus to explore NZ. But it wasn't long before we had antoher visitor, in the form of Rob's friend Pricey (Dave).

On my day off I took Dave on an adventure to Wanaka, where we checked out the sights, then went for an afternoon of shooting! First time I'd been clay pigeon shooting, but it was bloody good fun old chap! (even if it did leave me a little bruised on my shoulder!)

Saving the best for last tho, this week I plucked up the courage and did the Thrillogy, yes that's right, 3 bungy jumps in 1 day:

The Karawau Bridge:

The Nevis (all 134m):

& The Ledge:

I was really lucky, the whole day was free, organised by the bungy company for us to promote it to customers! I did it with two of my work mates (below) Isaac & Matt, who thankfully got me through the nevis when I was so pale they thought I might puke/faint, or worse, pull out!! I'm not going to lie, I was petrified!! But it was so awesome! The biggest thrill ever!!! Doing them all in one day was crazy tho, so many high's and so many nerves in such a short period, but worth every second! Not suprisingly we went out for a few drinks to calm the nerves afterwards, luckily they were free too!

Ok, I think that's me up to date, jus freezing my arse off at the moment, who knew NZ could get so cold this quickly, I'm gona have to buy some thermals!

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