Thursday, November 09, 2006

howdy! so, last week, we packed our bags and got on a good old greyhound bus, to do the long, tedious journey (13 hours) to Melbourne, for the races. I definately recommend flying!

The girls The Boys

We stayed with our flat mate Richie's (in the glasses) friends, who were great fun, if not slightly crazy! They kept insisting we stole their potatoes (more Irish i'm afraid!) But for free board, you can't complain! Stayed in an area called St Kilda, which has a great, chilled out, parisian atmosphere, lots of cafe's, I loved it.

So Saturday was spent at the races, where I won 100 bucks, whoop whoop! and after a crazy day drinking vodka out of a water bottle, we headed into melbourne centre to meet Lisa and Caroline, so great to see them again, and hear all the goss, particularly about a certain Geordie!

After more drunkedness in Melbourne, and a bit of shopping, we went to the Neighbours night for our final outing in Melbourne. The boys decided not to bother with the 35 bucks entry, but me and becks were well excited, until we stepped in the door! 3 neighbours stars (i use the term loosely) were paraded around a bar hall, for photo's, and then for 4 hours there was entertainment, which included a big fat man on a microphone, getting people up to kiss each other, dance like an idiot, or sing kareoke. It was like being at a Butlin's Holiday park! Me and becks got our photo's with Stingray, Paul Robbinson, and Elle Robinson, and hightailed it out of there!!! Stingray was a sweetheart tho, so kinda worth it i guess.

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