Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One of our last nights in Sydney before heading off on our travels we went to the U2 concert, which was electrifying! (I'm getting bored of saying awesome!!) Bono is a real performer, and they played all their great songs, including 2 encores!

We left Sydney 15th Nov and headed to Alice Springs to do the usual Uluru trip (Ayre's Rock). We were really lucky to have the best tour group ever! 2 canadian girls who were hilarious, a slightly camp, slightly crazy Danish, an awesome german girl (they do exist) a young english couple and an Italian couple. All a great laugh, and up for drinking! We also had a mental case for a guide, he played awesome music, and kept us all amused with his tales of other tour groups, all the girls he'd chased, and his v dirty jokes!

We did a 3 day tour of all the sights. We went to Uluru, which is just a big rock really, but impressively big, and has loads of crazy shapes in it which amused me!

We slept over night in a swag (a giant sleeping bag with matt), under the stars, which was awesome!!! Drank red wine, played the didgeridoo, and played silly get to know you games. The crazy Danish decided if he could be any animal he would be a cow! My guess is as good as yours!!??

Also had a crazy incident going to the toilet in the bushes. The Canadian girls were too scared to go alone, and wanted us to stand around them in a circle whilst pissing! Finally convinced them they weren't gona get eaten by snakes/spiders/stolen by aborigonee's, so we could piss in peace.

The next day we went to Kata Tjutu (The Olgar's), and walked through the Valley of the Winds. Pretty hefty trek, 10km, I definately need to get fit! It was worth it though, very beautiful, more so than Uluru.

The Third day we went to King's Canyon, which was by far the best of the lot. It involved a massive climb up Heart Attack Hill (yes, that's its real name!) but the view was stunning.

We walked to a little rock pool called the Garden of Eden, and went for a swim and an explore to some of the most picturesque scenes in Australia. Everywhere you looked was a kodak moment, hard not to take too many so that you bore the pants off people, but you're not so lucky!

We then drove back to Alice Springs and went for a night on the town with our group. Our tour guide was meeting a canny lass that he fancied, who ended up coping off with one of his mates, leaving him chasing after the beautiful canadian (Nicky) like a love sick puppy!!
We went to the craziest pub in Alice (there really isn't much to do!), a kinda old western saloon meets croc dundee, with very cheesy music, slightly reminiscent of Chicago's! But we all had a great time boogie-ing away.

We then had to get up early, with a hangover, and went to the airport with the English couple to get our flight to Darwin....

Becky and I are now in the rediculously hot Darwin, you can't walk outside without becoming a giant ball of sweat, but I love it!!

We again did trip of an Australian National Park, but this time it was Kakadu. We had been warned by many people that the flies were complete pains, but after a while you kinda get used to them flying up your nose, in your mouth and ears! No it wasn't too bad for us, I think we were lucky. Our trip was 3 days again, not quite as much fun as the red centre, coz we didn't have such a great group, and our tour guide was the biggest C**K you have ever met!!

We were with 2 dutch girls (v cleeky, but nice), a german girl (hard to get to know at first, but very sweet), a german guy (who was hilarious, looked like Dawson and always lowered the tone!) A chiliean girl and her mum who were lovely, and a japanese guy who spoke absolutely no English! So without the addition of more English/Irish/American, it was a very non-drinking early night group, with little banter! Although the Tour guide provided more than enough! He was the ruddest, fussiest, particular, cranky, camp man with PMT I've ever met! Everything we said he took the wrong way, and he hated the Chilliean girl so much he kept slagging her off, very unprofessional! We managed to have a good time despite him though, mainly trying to piss him off by moving the tents in to positions he didn't like because it "ruined the feng Shui!"

The first day we on a croc cruise, and saw loads of big crocs!

Then we went to some wetlands, saw a few birds, and then went to one of the sights where croc dundee was filmed. didn't look much like it, but me being a film geek could recognise it! Kept doing croc dundee quotes all day, think i pissed off the group! We then went to see some aboriginal rock art (if you ask me, they could have done better with all the time they had on their hands, but it's famous, so we looked at it. Then we went to another sight of croc dundee (where he shaved with the knife), it's called Anbangbang Billabong (apparently billabong is seperated pools of water, not just a clothing label!).

The next day we went to Jim Jim falls, and swam in the drop pool, which was beautiful, even though there was no fall (only after the wet season, bad timing on our part).

We then went to Twin Falls, which did actually have 2 falls, but we couldn't swim coz there were crocs about.

Oh, and we got to hold a freshwater croc (they can't eat you, that's the biggest they get!).

We then went to Yellow waters, which was absolutely stunning, its basically flood land, but so aesthetic. We stayed to watch the sunset, one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen so far!

The third day we went to Maguk to the barramundie top pools, and swum round loads of different rock pools which were connected by little underwater tunnels, or we had to climb over rocks.
I wish I had a waterproof camera coz the pools were amazing, and quite warm suprisingly. So relaxing in the heat just to swim in the beautiful water, with fantastic views.

We then went to look at the termites mound:

absolutely huge, crazy that such small creatures can produce such massive homes!

Last of all we went to Berry Springs for a quick swim before heading home. It's a bit like a public pool, but its actually a river! Can only swim at certain times of the year, otherwise crocs can be about!

We're gona be experiencing the Darwin Night life now, which seems particularly bad, although can't be as bad as Alice! Then it's off to Cairns......

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