Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey all, so we arrived back in Sydney on the 22nd Dec, to a flat full of christmas decorations and christmas songs! (altho after a week of the same cd 24 hours a day, I'm a little bit sick of them now!)

On Christmas Eve our flat mate Yvonne, cooked us up a feast of 2 turkey's, ham, potatoes, sprouts, all the christmas goodness! Bless her she cooked for 15 people, and it was absolutely gorgeous!! After filling our bellies we went out to an irish bar (the usual) on the rocks for a fun christmas eve!!

Christmas day didn't actually start till the afternoon due to everyone's monster hangovers! But we still made it to Bondi Beach for a sunny xmas day! Also managed to meet up with Caroline, Lisa and their flat mate & travel budy Mida.
Boxing day was our flat mate Julie's Birthday so we all got dressed up and went to Sydney races:

Didn't manage to win anything this time, but was a beautiful day, and a great day out!!
The rest of the week between xmas and new year was a bit of a blur really, lots of poker, and lots of people in the house (i don't think we had below 10 people at any point! But it was great crack!).

Then new years eve arrived, again with a hangover! We went to the botanical gardens, which overlooks the sydney opera house and harbour bridge to meet up with Caroline, Lisa, Mida and their friends Dez and Rob:

Brought along some coke bottles filled with vodka to keep us going, sat there all day, and then counted down the seconds and watched the fireworks! The fireworks are absolutely amazing! Unfortunately my photo's do not do it justice so I won't put any up! But they lasted ages, and I hate to say it, way better than london!

Next on the list was the Ice bar, since I never got to go in london!!! As days were running fast before everyone started leaving the flat to seperate off for their further travels: was quite expensive, cold, but that's about it!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Pat, Dee and Ailish, the first to leave, and the crazy irish! It was a sad day, but they ended it in traditional irish style by going out and getting leathered!!

Me and James decided to go to the Blue Mountains for a bit of a city break. They're a beautiful mountain range which look blue due to the mist on them. These are the 3 sisters:

We did a lot of walking along the edge of the mountains, right to the bottom of the 3 sisters, accross to Katoomba waterfall and up the scenic railway, which is the steepest railway in the southern hemisphere! It was pretty cool!

The night life in Katoomba was pretty dead tho, very small town! Altho everywhere was bring your own alcohol, so pretty cheap!

Then when we got back to sydney it was our turn to say goodbye! We met up with Caroline, Lisa and Mida, and took the all remaining house members on a dancing night out! Which was a great laugh! Although we were leaving at 6 the next morning, so didn't actually get any sleep!!

So very tired, we dragged our bags and caught the jet plane to New Zealand!!!!!

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