Friday, January 05, 2007

Ok, so I am really far behind, as I left you in Brisbane! I will do a whistlestop update to catch you all up.

Brisbane was really good fun, stayed in a wicked hostel, with some great english guys in our room, who quoted constantly, and took the piss the moment we met them! It was like I was home again, and pete was with me!! We didn't do much sight seeing, we went along the river on the CAT, and did some shopping. The rest of the time we saw the city's nightlife!!!
After a supposedly quiet night on the thursday (only going out for one, yeah right!) I had to drag becky and han out of bed at 7am to head to Australia zoo! It was an awesome day, got to see the croc show (shame it wasn't with Steve Erwin) and hold a koala, viola:

Was a great day, really hot and sunny too, only a shame we all felt so hungover! We also crazily bumped into our canadian friends from Cairns, I swear they're stalking us!!

We kept up the hardcore work, by going to the biggest club in Australia, "family", down in the valley, which as luck would have it happened to have the minestry of sound night when we were there, which was awesome! Becky was goin absolutely nuts! Except we managed to lose her, so she ended up walking home on her own at 5am in the morning and getting a little lost, with me sitting up in the hostel till she got back, felt like a mum waiting up for a naughty child, but didn't want to go to bed till i knew she was ok! aren't I lovely!!!

Then we moved on to surfers paradise, which is very picturesque, and has a lovely beach, but other than that, is pretty boring!! Did manage to fit in some boogie board action, with the coolest board on the beach!!
The nightlife in surfers was pretty crap, it's full of what I would call townies, but over here they call schoolies and toolies (schoolies = 18 year old girls out on the piss after jus finishing school, toolies = older guys who go there to hook up with 18 yr old girls!) not the best. So we only stayed one night, and headed on to Byron Bay! We did manage to fit in a trip to wet 'n' wild, which was awesome!!!

Byron bay is wonderful, I love it!! Probably my best town on the coast, gorgeous beach, great town and a chilled atmosphere! Went surfing with a guy who looked and sounded like Tommy Lee Jones out of The Fugitive! Managed to stand quite a few times, he said I was a natural!! Did manage to do a complete wipeout tho and get hit on the head by my board!
We Stayed in The Arts Factory, which is a really hippy hostel, which has teepee's! So we stayed in the teepee for a night, which is a cool experience, but gets freezing at night, and really boiling in the morning! As luck would have it, the funny english guys from Brisbane were also staying there, so we had some good driking with them. (Andy, Hass and Chris!).
Night life in Byron is pretty cool too, dancing on tables and the rest of the melarky!
On the last day, we went to visit the lighthouse and the most easterly point in australia. I was gona get up and watch the sunrise, but the one day I get up at 4.45am, it pisses it down, jus my luck!!

Was an awesome few days anyway, then it was us all packed up for the last time and heading on the overnight bus back to sydney for xmas, whoop whoop!!!!

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