Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Since my last update, James has returned, and he's brought the snow along with him!!

Not much happened whilst he was away, we moved into our new house, which is the other side of town and a long walk up a big hill (my heart can't take it yet!), but the views are amazing(below picture is from our balcony!!), well worth the sweat!!! It's a lovely house too, with sky TV, and its really warm!! Far better than our old place.

(our house!!)

We also all invested in house-coats, everyone's favourite accessory of the moment, being shown off by models Matthew & Rob:

We'll never be cold again!!

One fine afternoon for a bit of entertainment, Jon, Rob & I went for a walk to Arthur's point, a pretty valley near where we live, and stopped off for a pint in a dirty tavern. The barman wasn't very welcoming, and Rob started acting like a yocal calling the barman fella, in a deep gruff voice, no idea where that came from!!

I went on an activity called fly by wire, which is hard to explain, it's like a go-cart with a motor engine attached to a metal wire suspended from cables accross the top of a valley. and you basically steer yourself around a valley, probably better shown by the photo's! was pretty cool, but didn't last long enough! I did feel like I was flying tho!!

Then in no time at all, James was back. We had a welcome back party / happy 1 year away anniversary for em, which included playing kiddies party games such as: apple bobbing

getting sweets out of flower, and even guess who!!

I hate to say it, but my favourite new arrival in queenstown this week has been the snow!! I can't stop singing xmas songs, even though it's the wrong time of year!!! It's crazy but for a town which is renowned for its skiing/snowboarding, a little bit of snow, and everything goes crazy! we've had cars going off the side of cliffs, 20 car pile ups, and even a guy died up the mountain this week. Buses aren't going anywhere, flights can't get in or out, and the hotel is like a mad-house!! The winter festival opening had to be cancelled to keep people off the roads!!! But at least it means we can snow board!!!!

One of the guys from work has taken me under his wing to teach me how to snowboard, but his teaching style is pretty unique. My first day up there he took me on an intermediate slope and just said go! But i'm learning fast that way, and nearly got my turns down, soon i'll be doing 180's and half pipes!!! (maybe not) altho I do have a purple ass from falling over a lot!!!

On Monday work organised a day skiing/snowboarding, so me, Emma and 10 other people went up, but I left them to the baby slopes most of the day!!! Below is Emma with Anita (my boss) and Galyna (restaurant supervisor).

My plans from now on include boarding everyday I can. Mountain is closed at the moment as too much snow fall, which means it'll be even better on monday when I head up!!! I'm gona be a pro by the end of the season, just you wait!!

Love to all x

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