Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi all, sorry it's been a while since I last updated. Well it's still relatively cold in NZ, and the snow's a bit on and off, but still managing to fit in the boarding. In fact I bought my own board (second hand) but I love it. Only problem now is I don't want to leave it behind, and unfortunately it's not long now till I have to say goodbye to QT & NZ. But not yet, so lets not dwell on that!!

The QT winter festival finally went ahead, which featured the family drinking mulled wine, watching fireworks on the Lake Wakatipu and watching some pittiful people attempt kareoke, was a good nite!!

The beginning of the Winter Festival also brought on QT's Top Bloke competition. Where 24 men from around town strutt their stuff & try to prove themselves the most eligible bachelor's in QT. Not many of them were particularly hot, but Crowne Plaza had a candidate in Isaac, who we all got behind. (Matt & Rob were too pussy to enter themselves!!)

To kick off the Mr Queenstown competition, they had Ladies night, 24 naked men on stage with 200 screaming women in the audience, very strange experience!!! I've never seen girls lose control and start ripping guys clothes off before, not matter how drunk i've been!! But it did provide a lot of amusement, and kinda felt good having boys being treated as objects (burning bra moment, i know!) All the girls I work with at the crowne plaza were there, so it was a good girls night out. (Sarah -left-, Rebecca-random hotel guest-, Emi & Becs).

(Rhiana, Becs, Liz, Galyna & me.)

A few night later was the Top Bloke Finals night, boys were allowed at this one, so lots more beer was drunk, and lots of sillyness ensued. (Adam with a card hat)

(Stu, Glenys, me & Brett)


Unfortunately Isaac didn't win the Top Bloke award, even though he sang the national anthem in maori & did the haka, but all was good anyway!

Then started the tri-nations, and as we were desperate to see the all blacks play, James, Jon, Em and I drove up to Christchurch for the weekend for the NZ vs. S. Africa game.

The drive up was so amazing, it was so cold & frosty, that I woke up at one point and thought I was in Narnia!! I love the drive up there anyway, it's got such beautiful views of the mountains & lakes.

Not a great game, but the Haka was totally awesome, and we were so close to the action you felt they were gona run onto you when they scored a try.

It was quite a hectic weekend, as we drove the six hour journey on sat morning, and drove back sunday pm, so our celebrations in C/Ch after the game were not very exciting, but then again, C/Ch nightlife isn't very exciting!!!

When we got back and settled back into work again, us Front line staff at the old CP (i'm in an abbreviations mood today) got a free limo ride & wine tasting day. So we went round the otago wine tasting region, and spent 5 hours, only to manage 2 wineries. They spoiled us rotten and we tried every wine in stock, including one which was given the nickname smack coz it was so popular (Whaitiri Creek 2005 Pinot Noir for those who want to know, but I don't think they exported many!). The Limo: (only 6 seater, but still cool!)

(Anita, Sarah, Me & Matt)

Last Week we had some new guests arrive at chez QT, Matt's family friends and trainee doctors no less Laura & Rachel:

In honour of their arrival, and as a belated house warming, we threw a house party!

(Tama, Random & Anita)

I think I only knew about 10 people there, and we even had a dog turn up, so a very successful house party!!

(Rob & his K Jet buddies)

I'm still boarding, and getting quite good (even if I do say so myself), i'm a little scared of going fast, but my turns are down, and I've promised Jau (my personal instructor) that I'll do a rail by the end of the season, only a wee one tho! (Me & Jau)

Even Jon made it up on to the slopes with Em, as she got him a couple of free ski lessons.

Oh and I forgot, in the midst of all this, I drove a guests car round to the front of the hotel (down & very steep hill), lost control, went carreering down the hill, couldn't stop, passed straight accross the main road, onto the grass verge opposite the hotel, & hit a bench which finally stopped me about 5m before being in the Lake. I was a little shaken up, but got back in the saddle today, and drove another guests car down the hill today without crashing, wahoo!! It was a brand new mitsubishi (gold, so i rekon that deserves a totalling!) and here's what it looked like after:
(the bench was pretty bad off too!) but I didn't even feel a thing!

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